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About CapitalEdge

CapitalEdge is a Washington DC.. based firm specializing in providing federal government relations services to local governments and their agencies.


CapitalEdge provides local governments and their agencies with a full scope of federal government advocacy and information services. We focus exclusively on local governments and their agencies; we do not have any non-local government clients. CapitalEdge and its predecessor firms have represented local governments and their agencies for over 40 years. We are registered lobbyists in compliance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, the Honest Leadership & Open Government Act of 2007, and related legislation.

Lobbying services for cities and for local government agencies is our primary mission. We spend every day focused on federal issues that impact local governments – what the federal government is doing for cities and what the federal government is doing to cities.


CapitalEdge is one of the few lobbying firms in Washington that solely represents local governments and their agencies. We are recognized throughout Washington for our expertise on federal-local relations and municipal issues. We have built a strong knowledge base of how local governments work, of local government needs, of federal-local government relations, and of opportunities for federal assistance.

Our Founders

Headshot of Carolyn Channey

Carolyn C. Chaney


Carolyn served as a trusted liaison between her clients and Congress and the Executive Branch for over 30 years. Throughout her career, she provided advocacy assistance and strategic advice on issues ranging from transportation, public safety, human services, and the environment.

Headshot of Barbara McCall

Barbara represented the interests of cities to the legislators and policy makers of the nation’s capital for more than twenty years. Barbara worked for fourteen years as a City Representative with the National Center for Municipal Development.

Barbara T. McCall

Federal Advocacy for Local Governments


CapitalEdge was founded in 1995 by Carolyn C. Chaney and Barbara T. McCall. After beginning their careers representing local governments at the National Center for Municipal Development, where Barbara and Carolyn first began representing the interests of cities and local governments in Washington, Barbara and Carolyn decided to found their own firm, CapitalEdge, in 1995. 


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